Belgian Championship of Magic 2019

Close-Up & Stage

Vilvoorde, sunday 13 October 2019

Stage Name:
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Date of birth:*
Nationality Belgian or being a member of a Belgian magicians club ::*
I am a member of a magic club:
Magic club:
The President of my club agrees with my participation and can confirm this to BMF

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Transmit within ten days following the date of your registration €40 registration fee to the BMF bank account no:

BE 40 0017 5785 0063  GEBABEBB


Avenue de Fré 271  - 1180 Uccle

Please mention “Registration BCM contest + your name”

Extra informations:
The duration of the act is minimum 5 and maximum 10 minutes!
The selections of the candidates will be done by the BMF selection team.
That is why we are asking you to send a few video clips of your act before 15/08/2019 to, discretion is assured.

Attention: final date of registration is 15/08/2019