The new magic club “Marchin”

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We welcome with great pleasure the new magic club “Marchin”.
Located in Marchin (district Huy), in the province of Liège.
Meetings are held every second Wednesday from 18:30 to 20:30. to the following address:
The Bistro
3, Place Grand-Marchin
B-4570 Marchin.

The founding members of the association are:
Michel Salmon (Artist name: Cyril Hubert), president
Mathieu Fontaine, treasurer
Martin Loeckx, secretary
Jessica Despiegeleer, advisor
Marilyne Gaspart, advisor

Les membres fondateurs de l’association sont:
Michel Salmon (Nom d’artiste: Cyril Hubert), président
Mathieu Fontaine, trésorier
Martin Loeckx, secrétaire
Jessica Despiegeleer, conseiller
Marilyne Gaspart, conseiller
We wish them a lot of magic and fun in their new club!