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Belgian Championship of Magic 2023

Close-Up & Stage

Vilvoorde, sunday 8 October 2023

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The President of my club agrees with my participation and can confirm this to BMF.
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All the performers in a competition act, need also a full day ticket!
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20 euros fee, per chosen category, will be refunded to you after your performance in the competition.
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The duration of the act is minimum 5 and maximum 10 minutes!
The selections of the candidates will be done by the BMF selection team.
Attention: final date of registration is 31/08/2023
Therefore, we ask you to pay your entry fee and send a few video clips of your act to president@belgianmagicfederation.be before 31/08/2023, discretion is assured.
Candidates will be notified of their participation before September 5, 2023.