Dear Friends of Magic,

In April 2014 an important event occurred within the Belgian magical world.  For the first time in the Belgian history of magic a nationwide federation was founded, the “Belgian Magic Federation”, or BMF.

The past months all magicians have sent a powerful message to the Belgian and Worldwide magic community that BMF has a great future within the magic world. Three hundred magicians attended and shared their passion for magic at the first BMF event “Meet & Share the Magic” at Brussels Kart (Belgium).

To keep this change going in the future, the members of the Bureau and all the club representatives have decided by unanimous votes to nominate me as President (ad-interim).  I would like to thank all members of the board for their trust in me and I am aware of the great responsibility of finding myself at the head of this federation.

I would like to thank my predecessor Charles Vandebroek for his ideas, visions and the important role he played during the start-up phase of this federation.

BMF aspires to unite magic clubs, club associations and magicians in Belgium with the aim of reaching a better truthful cooperation, of exchanging fruitful views, of arousing a strong will for a more sincere mutual aid and a better organization of events among us.

From the very beginning, a calendar, common to all clubs and other magical events in Europe , was created. The  increasing number of visits quickly proved, if it was needed , that this calendar is a real success.

But BMF has also another big task ahead . This is one of our primary and fundamental objectives. We want to help, support and coach young people who wish to devote themselves to magic.

BMF has ambition and is already taking the first steps for a next event on October 11th 2015.  This event will not be a derivative of the first event, it will be a major national magic event with one final purpose to crown the Belgian Champion of Magic.

You have noticed still a lot of challenges lie ahead and the first brainstorming sessions for our next event have already been settled and are already part of our agenda.  We are excited to welcome you at our future nationwide event in 2015.

We can only hope that you too will be willing to participate in this great adventure.

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Belgian Magic Federation