BMF – Pure Belgium!

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Most of countries have a national federation of magic that represent their members worldwide. A lot of these federations already exist for decades and gained a lot of experience. Lots of attempts have been done in the past to found a federation in Belgium, but they didn’t succeed due to several reasons.

The ones who knew the story, were not into a BMF:
“Don’t waste your time, because it is not worth doing!”
“Founding a federation in Belgium is impossible, look at the political situation!”
“What are you up to? You are really crazy!!”

Indeed, we are a little crazy and we keep on going determinedly because we think that our small country needs urgently a federation of magicians. BMF anticipates and ignores the political, cultural, linguistic and other differences. The future of magic is the centre of it all and the members deserve it to finally enjoy and to relish of all the privileges.

A lot of people have understood the inner message and take part in the reunions of BMF. The foundations of the BMF house are in the meantime finished according to the plan. After the holidays, the team will start by creating the walls. Through trial and error, they are advancing, because we can do some magic tricks, but not conjuring.

Have you noticed what happened during the World Championship of Football? Suddenly all Belgians supported the Red Devils. Our national feeling reached unthinkable highlights during and after the competitions. Definitely it will have a positive effect on the youngsters?

And what’s possible in sports can also be done in the world of magic! Many thanks to all of you who used the three coloured flags with the logo of BMF. That’s really kind of you!

Magical summer tips – Have a look on the calendar of BMF for more info.

  • Exposition in Ghent “Chapeau“ in the House of Alyn.
  • Festivities in Ghent with free performances of 6 magic clubs (July 19 until July 26)
  • Shows of Jack Cooper
  • Shows of Luc Apers
  • First event of BMF on Sunday October 12 2014, more news is coming up!