The new magic club “Marchin”

We welcome with great pleasure the new magic club “Marchin”.
Located in Marchin (district Huy), in the province of Liège.
Meetings are held every second Wednesday from 18:30 to 20:30. to the following address:
The Bistro
3, Place Grand-Marchin
B-4570 Marchin.

The founding members of the association are:
Michel Salmon (Artist name: Cyril Hubert), president
Mathieu Fontaine, treasurer
Martin Loeckx, secretary
Jessica Despiegeleer, advisor
Marilyne Gaspart, advisor

Les membres fondateurs de l’association sont:
Michel Salmon (Nom d’artiste: Cyril Hubert), président
Mathieu Fontaine, trésorier
Martin Loeckx, secrétaire
Jessica Despiegeleer, conseiller
Marilyne Gaspart, conseiller
We wish them a lot of magic and fun in their new club!