Inner Magic Circle Kortrijk ceases to exist

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After 32 years, the magic club “Inner Magic Circle Kortrijk” chooses to make itself disappear.
The equally splendid celebration of IMC Kortrijk’s 30th anniversary still shines through, and yet our club chooses shortly afterwards to put an end to a richly filled and very animated existence of 32 years.
“Corona” has nothing to do with it, but after 32 years and with a lot of “seniority” on the counters of the 5 board members, this is a very well considered and especially collectively taken responsible decision.
In recent years the world of magic has had a true revival, and we are convinced that this is “the” ideal moment to create a “new white sheet” in Kortrijk to offer an optimal chance to some group, young magical talents, to start a new magic club.
With some seniority, but still vital, we would like to offer our support and experience to new initiatives.
Organisations, boards, other clubs, private persons or whoever or whatever to mention to thank them, has only as a result that “always” someone can be forgotten.
We look back with “pride” on our work, our organisations and our shows. For all this we sincerely say “THANK YOU ARE” to “EVERYONE” whom we once had the right to count on in one way or another.
Oh yes, rest assured, after our disappearance on 31 December 2020, we will still conjure ourselves back. With thanks for understanding, we hereby say goodbye!